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Solar heating systems are starting to be more widely adopted in UK homes and are now becoming recognised as one of the most efficient renewable and sustainable sources of heating water for domestic use.


Home Solar PanelsSolar Heating benefits
• 65% of your annual hot water needs from the sun’s energy
• Reduce annual CO2 emissions of your home by 645kg
• Government Renewable heat incentive scheme payments


June 2011 will see the government renewable heat incentive scheme launched which will provide an attractive financial incentive aimed at encouraging UK homeonwers to invest in solar heating systems.  Read more about the Renewable heat incentive.


Similar Solar water heating government incentives are also being offered by other governments where solar heating systems are already used extensively in places such as Germany and Spain, where electricity and gas is also becoming more and more expensive to use.


How a solar heating system generates hot water


Solar Heating SystemsA bank of solar heating panels referred to as solar thermal collectors are positioned on the roof of the property and used to absorb energy from the sun to heat the fluid within the collectors.


An electronic temperature valve checks the temperature of the fluid from the solar heating panels with that of the cylinder. When the temperature of the fluid from the solar heating panels is greater than the water in the cylinder, the electronic valve opens and the liquid in the solar heating panels is pumped through a coil into the domestic hot water cylinder, this process then transfers the generated heat of the fluid in the coil into the water stored in the cylinder to produce hot water.


Solar heating fluid in the collectors contains antifreeze and special properties that are extremely absorbent of the heat generated from the solar heating thermal panels. The fluid which circulates from the solar heating panels through the coil in the water cylinder is totally isolated from the actual hot water.


If you want to find out more about home solar water heating systems and the government renewable heat incentive scheme for your home then why not apply now online.


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