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Our free service, checks the market and puts you the home owner in touch with trusted reputable and accredited installers. UK's most competitive Solar Panel prices.


Home Solar PanelsSolar Panels cost can often vary due to the differences in property style, size of roof space, the type of system chosen and the number of solar panels required.


What do upfront Solar Panel costs provide to home owners?
• Solar Panels will provide your home with free solar electricity
• Home Solar Energy Feed in tariff providing a substantial return of £25,000+ over 25 years
• Guaranteed protection against increasing energy costs


What are the factors which can affect your home solar panels cost?
Home Solar panels differ in price depending on manufacturer, installer and the size and type of the system.  Costs are also influenced allot by the available roof space, property position and size.


Energy bills are always higher for a larger property in comparison to a small property, solar panels costs should be looked at in the exact same way as the energy output of the solar panels needs to be much higher for a larger property.


There are two uses from harnessing solar energy to either provide solar electricity or solar heating for our homes, solar panels costs will also vary depending on this requirement.  If a complete home solar power solution is chosen for providing both electricity and hot water this will obviously be at a much higher cost than solar heating panels or photovoltaic solar panels would be on their own.


Solar Panels cost also vary allot depending on the Kilowatt output that they are specified to supply, this is worked out by the home solar energy surveyor and common systems are normally 2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 5KW and 6KW.


We have hundreds of local Solar panel installers in our database who are accredited to carry out free home solar energy survey’s to provide accurate competitive pricing and advising on the most suitable solution.


Feed in tariff return
Home owners who are choosing to invest in solar power for their home are currently choosing to investing in solar electricity rather than solar heating.  One of the reasons for this current trend is solar panels cost that are associated with solar PV electric can be easily rewarded from the attractive and guaranteed financial incentive of the governments feed in tariff scheme.


Overall the feed in tariff provides a substantial return of over £25,000.  Find out more about the feed in tariff.


Request your free home solar panel survey today.  We guarantee to provide you with the very best solar panel cost for your home from vetted and fully accredited solar panel installers in your local area.


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