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Solar Panels Grants


Solar Panels Grants


Solar panel grants were replaced in April 2010 by the governments feed in tariff scheme which now provides a far more attractive financial incentive in comparison to what solar panel grants had previously offered for home owners.


Top 3 benefits of the feed in tariff


• 100% Free Electricity
• Guaranteed tax free £25,000+ incentive over 25 years
• Index linked to inflation

How much does the feed in tariff currently pay for electricity generated from solar panels?

• Electricity generated and used is paid at a rate of 41.3p per kWh
• Electricity generated and unused which has been fed back into the national grid is paid at a rate of 43.3p per kWh


Home Solar PanelsSolar panel grants did not provide enough enticement for most home owners to be able to recognise the benefits of investing in solar PV panels for their home.  The government feed in tariff scheme however provides a long term incentive of over £25,000 instead of just a one off payment that solar panel grants had previously provided.


An average solar panel installation will provide free solar electricity and an average tax free income of a £1,000 per year, a guaranteed payment term of 25 years and a return on investment of around 8.3% per year.

Hot water solar panel grants
Home owners who invest in Solar heating systems are also able to benefit from another alternative to the previously offered solar panel grants scheme.  This new scheme is called the renewable heat incentive scheme and is to be launched in June 2011 and be provided to home owners for maximum of 20 years.


The renewable heat incentive offers a rate of 0.18p per kWh for hot water that has been generated from solar power.


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