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    Solar Panels Info is the UK’s leading online resource for information on home solar panels and provide a national quotation service for solar panels for your home from certified solar panel installers in your local area. If you are looking for online information and finding how much solar panels cost, how you can benefit from the governments solar panel feed in tariff scheme and wish to obtain the best price for solar panels for your home, then you’ve come to the right place.

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    Solar Panels for your Home

    Information and faq’s on the benefits of solar panels for your home and why UK home owners are turning to solar panels.

    Feed in Tariff

    Feed in Tariff scheme information and online calculator, find out how the feed in tariff scheme works and calculate your homes annual feed in tariff incentive.

    Solar Electricity

    How solar electricity offers the best CO₂ saving to UK home owners, providing free domestic electricity and government financial incentive benefits from solar energy usage

    PV Solar Panels

    Photovoltaic solar panels how they are manufactured, fitted to your home and how efficiently modern PV panels function.

    Renewable Heat Incentive

    Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, find out how hot water sourced from solar panels will benefit your home from the introduction of the new heat incentive scheme.

    Solar Panels FAQ’s

    FAQ’s and myths of solar panels, find out more about how solar panels produce solar electricity and solar hot water are benefiting UK homes from harnessing the power of solar energy.

    Solar Water Heating

    How solar heating systems harness solar energy from solar heating panels to provide homes a natural source of hot water.

    Solar Panels Info

    Solar Panels UK

    Apply for your free local home solar panels survey and pricing from 3 of our vetted and certified solar panel installers in your local area

    Solar Panels Costs

    Solar Panels investment opportunity guide exploring Solar Panels costs for UK home owners.

    Solar Panels Grants

    Get the latest information on solar panel grants and find out more about the government solar panels incentive schemes

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