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There are two types’ solar panels installation Photovoltaic solar panels for the generation of electricity and thermal solar panels for water heating. These are two different types of solar panels installation these shall discuss them separately.

June 2011 will see the government renewable heat incentive scheme launched which will provide an attractive financial incentive aimed at encouraging UK homeonwers to invest in solar heating systems. Read more about the Renewable heat incentive.

Solar panels installation for electricity.

The first stage of a Solar panels installation is to fix cleats onto the roof to fix the solar panels. Roof tiles are carefully removed at certain intervals to expose the rafters onto which cleats are fixed and the roof tile preplaced. These are checked for alignment, the rails are then fixed ready the solar panels.

The next stage Solar panels installation is to fix the control equipment which will control the current from the solar panels. This will comprise of an isolator to turn on or off the current from the solar panels and an inverter which will transform the DC current from to solar panels installation into 240v AC. For simplicity this has been installed within the roof area. This is then connected to the consumer unit within the house via some more equipment.

The equipment left to install and connect is the generation meter, isolator. The generation meter records how much electricity you have generated, used and exported into the national grid. The isolator allows an electrician to turn off the power from the solar panels should it be necessary to work on the system.

Now the solar panels installation is completed all that’s left to do is to check the voltage from the solar panels then switch on your solar panels installation and free electricity.


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