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Solar Electricity for Homes

Solar electricity has now become more practical with modern photovoltaic solar panel costs becoming more reasonably priced for home owners to invest in.

Solar Electricity for homes provides

  • Free Electricity
  • Feed in tariff incentives
  • Reduction in CO2

Solar panel technology for generating solar electricity for our homes has become more robust and efficient at harnessing the light of the sun to provide an entirely feasible renewable source of energy.

Current figures indicate that Solar electricity for UK homes will be one of our biggest renewable sources of energy, with it being easily adopted and offering totally free electricity. The government feed in tariff scheme for solar electricity also provides one of the best financial incentives for any renewable source of home energy.

How much solar electricity can benefit you…

Solar electricity is easy and inexpensive to install, the returns from the initial investment made is so substantial that thousands of home owners each month are now converting their homes to solar electricity.

The governments feed in tariff scheme has helped many home owners realise in addition to the free electricity that pv solar panels provide there are also government backed green financial incentives available equating to over £25,0000 over 25 year. Read more about the feed in tariff scheme.

How are solar electricity panels installed

Our fully vetted and accredited checked solar panel companies will be identified for you in your local area and a visit will be scheduled for them to carry out a free home solar electricity survey, there are a couple of standard checks they will do.

  • Roof position will be checked to ensure that enough natural daylight can be harnessed to generate sufficient enough levels of solar electricity
  • Inspection of the roof structure will be carried out to ensure it is able to support the required photovoltaic solar panels.
  • Inspection of the roof tiles to insure they are in good condition.

A standard installation of solar electricity panels (PV Panels) is relatively simple, special cleats are fitted underneath the roof tiles to the rafters to stop the weight of the solar electricity panels being put onto the tiles directly. Mounting rails are attached onto the cleats on which the solar electricity panels are then fitted and connected up to an inverter.

The electricity that is generated from solar electricity panels is 40 volt DC output so an inverter is also fitted during the installation normally in the loft space to convert this into a 230 volt AC output, which is the UK’s mains electrical standard rate.

Apply online for a free home solar electricity survey

Solar panels info has one of the largest national lists of approved local solar panel companies who have been fully vetted and checked by us to provide the correct levels of required MCS accreditation.

Apply now for your free home solar electricity survey and no obligation quotations from 3 of our top solar electricity installers in your local area.


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